Tower Services

ABM HVAC:Cooling Tower Services

New System Sales/Sheet Metal Design, Fabrication & Installation

We provide full services for industrial HVAC including:

  • Assistance obtaining all required permits and licenses for the installation
  • Review room by room air load requirements
  • Duct work system/sheet metal design, fabrication, sizing, and installation
  • Boiler or chiller installation
  • Air handler installation
  • System testing including adjusting air load levels, checking for leaks, verify air return functionality, etc.

Cooling Towers

From inspections to replacements and new installations, we have your cooling tower needs covered. With our experienced fabricators and full fabrication shop, American Boiler & Mechanical can mobilize to the site with new piping already fabricated to minimize your outage during cooling tower maintenance or rebuilds.  We can also handle your pump rebuilds, pump replacements, and heat exchanger/intercooler inspections and repairs as well to keep your plant up and operational.  Our cooling tower services include:

  • New Cooling Tower Sales, Design, and Installation
  • Cooling Tower Inspections
  • Cooling Tower System Repairs
  • Cooling Tower System Maintenance

HVAC System Maintenance & Replacement

Proper preventative maintenance should be completed on all HVAC systems at least annually to ensure that the system is performing efficiently and to capacity. While some items need to be done on a regular basis and can be done by plant personnel - such as changing air filters - some preventative maintenance items should be attended to by an HVAC professional.  Our HVAC preventative maintenance services include:

  • System testing - including checking air load levels, testing thermostat systems, inspecting condensation levels, etc.
  • Lubrication of moving parts as needed
  • Tightening of electrical components as needed
  • Cleaning evaporator and condenser coils
  • Checking and adjusting coolant levels
  • Cleaning and checking blowers

Ongoing preventative maintenance plans are available, while annual system checks can be scheduled.

Regardless of how well they are maintained, HVAC systems do have a limited lifespan and sometimes the entire system needs to be replaced. Our trained HVAC professionals can assess your current HVAC system to determine if updates need to be made or if the entire system, including ductwork and mechanical components, needs to be updated.

Chilled Water Systems/Chillers

We have extensive experience and the expertise to design and install environmentally friendly and safe chilled water systems.