HVAC Chilled Water Systems / Chillers

Allow American Boiler and Mechanical to service, replace or design a chilled water system for your facility. Chilled water systems, also know as chillers, are HVAC systems that employ chilled water to cool the air. Chillers work by using an evaporator to chill the water within the system to 45 degrees. The chilled water is then pumped throughout the building to cooling coils and a fan system draws air over those coils to cool the air. Chilled water systems can be much more efficient than other systems, especially for larger buildings.

The main benefit of a chiller system is that the fabrication, assembly and testing of the main chiller component is typically completed within the factory. So when it is installed on site, all coolant materials are already contained within the system and there is less likelihood of a leak or spill during the installation process as compared to a system that is assembled and tested on site.

Also, because only cooled water is pumped within the building and all refrigerant is housed within the central system, there is less danger associated with a leak in the system within the building, as only chilled water is being transported and not Freon or other refrigerants which can be potentially hazardous.

To find out whether or not a chilled water system is right for your building, please contact us for an evaluation.