Exhaust & Make Up Air Systems

Proper ventilation and exhaust is important for protecting for maintaining a safe environment within your facility.

American Boiler and Mechanical can assess your exhaust system needs and determine the types of exhaust fan necessary to properly ventilate the space from equipment hoods to general exhaust fans.

Additionally, when installing exhaust systems in a space, oftentimes air is removed from a space more quickly than it is replaced, creating a negative pressure problem. Exhausting a space creates a suction kind of like a vacuum and this is what causes doors to be difficult to open and can result in the exhaust system not working properly. This suction can also cause external air to seep into a space through door cracks and can draw exterior contaminents and dust into a space.

To combat this problem, a make up air system needs to be installed. Make up systems replace the air that is exhausted from a space with new conditioned air. Make up systems help repair the unbalanced air pressure within a space. Often mounted on roofs, make up air systems can either blow directly into a room or can be integrated into duct systems to deliver the new air into your current HVAC systems.

For more information about exhaust systems and make up air systems, please contact us.